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Please enter this email address manually.
As our email is a response to theirs, the chances of it ending up in the SPAM folder are reduced (something very frequent, and discouraging after useless work, until this measure is taken).

Freight charges are economical, depending on weight and volume, but you can send your carrier if they offer a better price. Calculating volume and freight rates takes time, so please value our time as much as your own.
All parts are made to order, after payment.
We will NOT ask you for any form of payment (card or account). Payment will be by bank transfer, once we send you, to your email, the exact budget with VAT and transportation.
It is VERY IMPORTANT that you add our Email to your safe senders list.
By placing an order with us and making payment, you are committed to the following General terms and conditions who declares to have read.

It is important that you indicate ALL these points, necessary to admit, manufacture, prepare, ship or deliver your order:

SUBJECT: Write:   "Parts order Brand X, Model X, Version X"   (Insert Brand, Model and Version. Do not write everything in CAPITAL LETTERS).
Message body: Write each and every one of the following items.   (If you number them, as we do, it makes our job easier):
0 Customer number. If available and known.   If you do not have one, leave blank.
1 Name and Surname or Company Name.   We sell to both private individuals and professionals.
2 Tax Identification Number for the invoice.
3 Contact person.
4 Billing address:   Street and number.
5 Billing address:   Location. City.
6 Billing address:   Province.
7 Billing address:   ZIP code. Postal code.
8 Billing address:   Country.
9 Prefix + Fixed telephone.
10 Prefix + Mobile phone.
11 Shipping address. (Only if different from billing address):   Name, Street and number, Town, Province, Postcode and Country.
12 Quantity - Reference - Description - Part 1.   Copy and paste from the web.
13 Quantity - Reference - Description - Part 2.   Copy and paste from the web.
14 Quantity - Reference - Description - Part 3...   Copy and paste from the web...
15 Remarks / Notes

Thank you very much for your help.